On Arrival

Helen and I will always try and meet you when you arrive and take you through everything, but if we can’t then here are the key points to remember with more details provided on the FAQ page.

Also if we are not around here is how you get to the hut from the road…

On Arrival – Key Points

  1. Toilet: We only have one hard and fast rule and that is please do not put anything down the toilet apart from loo paper.
  2. Shower: Switch on the shower using the on off button, but do not try and adjust the water using the dial as this will restrict the flow and switch off the gas heater. The heating is gas and the water temperature can be adjusted on the gas boiler in the shed behind the hut. To adjust the temperature, turn the shower on, then go to the shed where you will see the temperature dial in the middle, this will slowly increase after a minute to about 40C. Leave the left hand control on minimum and adjust the right hand control to suit.
  3. Rubbish: There is a black bin around the back of the hut and we also provide recycling bins.
  4. Water: The water is sourced from our well in the garden, could argue its cleaner than the mains water, but just in case, we provide you with bottle of mineral water to get you going.
  5. WiFi: The SSID for the Wifi is ‘hiddenvalleyholidays’ – no passwords required
  6. BBQs: You can use the fire pit, charcoal BBQ, or there is also a portable gas bbq in the shed behind the hut. However we would ask that if you use the gas BBQ you leave it how you found it.
  7. Microwave: Forms part of the cooker, just tun the knob on the left – first setting is 900W.
  8. Dogs in the hut: We all love our dogs, but we have found they account for most of the damage to be honest, so we would ask that you try and keep them off the bed linen as this is of a high quality and expensive to replace. However, if this is a problem, we can provide blankets or throws if you need them.
  9. Dogs outside the hut: We have put stock fencing around the field where the hut resides, so the dogs can have a good run around. However there are sheep in the surrounding fields so if your dog enjoys trying to be a sheep dog (as ours does) then please make sure they stay on a lead.
  10. Liability: Sorry to have to even mention this, but the world has gone mad with liability risk and living on a small farm there are far to many to hazards to mitigate – and if we did, we would have to put up millions of signs stating the obvious. So we have to state that if you make a booking you are agreeing to take responsibility for your actions during your visit.